Who owns Jewish Heritage in the Middle East?

Wed 15 May 2019. 7:30 pm With the exodus of 99 percent of the Middle East’s Jewish population, the thorny question remains: what happens to the communal property they left behind?
Community registers in Egypt. Torah scrolls in Yemen. The tug-of-war over the Iraqi-Jewish archive, now in the US but claimed by Iraq. Who owns the heritage of now-defunct Jewish communities in Arab countries? Is it the exiled Jews? Or is it part of a country’s national heritage?) Presentation by Lyn Julius of Harif. Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue,Norrice Lea, London N2 0RE Tickets: £10 BOOKINGS ONLINE: WWW.SPIROARK.ORG BY PHONE: 020 7794 4655 or info@harif.org