The Jews of Libya: 70 years since the Tripoli pogrom

Thursday 22 October 2015. 7.30pm. Harif is delighted,  in conjunction with the Anglo-Israel Association, to welcome to London one of the foremost experts on Jews from Arab countries, Professor Maurice Roumani of Ben Gurion university, Israel. Seventy years ago, one of the worst episodes of anti-Jewish violence in North Africa took the lives of 140 Libyan Jews, including 36 children, paving the way for the dissolution of the 38,000 -member Jewish community. What were the causes of the three-day pogrom and what role did the British occupying army play ?

Professor Maurice M. Roumani, born in Benghazi, Libya, teaches Political Sociology and the Middle East and is the founder of the J. R. Elyachar Center for the Study of Sephardi Heritage. Heis the author of The Jews of Libya: Coexistence, Persecution, Resettlement (Sussex, 2008)

Holland Park Synagogue, W11 4RB. £10. Booking: 7961) (8458 1284) or (07506033848)