The Impossible Spy

Sunday 2 December. Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm. This film, made in 1987 and starring John Shea and Eli Wallach, with Sasson Gabay and Michal Bat-Adam, tells the true story of Egyptian-born Eli Cohen. Israel’s master spy in Damascus, who obtained secrets crucial to Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War, was eventually captured and executed by the Syrians . Discussion to follow. Wine and Sephardi delicacies. Ohr Yisrael synagogue, 31/33 Theobald St, Borehamwood WD 6 4RN. Advance tickets £9 or £15 per couple (£10 at the door). To book email R & J Levy ( at the Rambam Sephardi synagogue or ring 0757 0052152.