The demise of the Jewish communities of the Arab world

Saturday 29 November 2014. On the eve of 30 November, the official day to commemorate Jewish refugees from Arab lands, Harif together with Spiro Ark, is proud to be inviting to London as its special guest the writer and historian Nathan Weinstock, author of Une si longue presence: comment le monde arabe a perdu ses juifs (French and Hebrew).

Mr Weinstock will deliver a lecture explaining how a Belgian Ashkenazi Jew came to write the story of the eradication of the Jews from Arab lands. The story demands an understanding of the dhimma – Jewish social status under Islam – but also an appreciation of the repercussions of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, leading to the great post WW2 Jewish exodus. Q&A to follow.St Johns Wood Liberal synagogue, St Johns Wood Road, London NW8. 6.45pm reception for 7.30 pm Harif/Spiro Ark. £10. Contact Spiro, email or ring : 0207 289 6321 or Harif, Email or ring 07506033848.

Read Jewish Chronicle report by Simon Rocker: