Suitcase or Coffin: 50 years since the Exodus of the Jews of Algeria

Wed 20 February 2013, 8pm, Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue, Norrice Lea, N2 0RE. Of the 850,000 who fled Arab countries, the Jews of Algeria were unusual: they held French nationality. The great majority resettled in France, not Israel.

The Jews tried to maintain neutrality as the war for independence gathered pace, but ulimately to no avail. Together with the French settlers or ‘pieds noirs’, the Jews were given a stark choice by Algerian Muslim independence fighters: suitcase or coffin.

Lyn Julius will explain the background to this unique community and the dilemmas confronting them. £10 Harif/Spiro Ark.To book tel Harif 0750603848 or Spiro Ark 0207 289 6321.