The Stone Flower (2007): UK film premiere

(Gole Sangam)
Director Sarit Haymian: Hebrew and Farsi with English subtitles

Gole sangam means ‘stone flower’ in Farsi. This documentary follows two elderly Jewish women, who immigrated from Iran to Israel 50 years ago and currently live in a deprived area. Married in their teens, they moved from the domineering homes of their parents to those of their husbands. Now, aged 70, they reflect on the choices they have made, and those they were forced to make.

Anxious to learn from their experiences, Sarit, the director, a 30 year- old unmarried Israeli-born Iranian, is trying to map out a future for herself. The film raises questions about love, family, femininity and dreams. The Stone flower has been shown at Festivals in the USA and Greece as well as Israel.

After the screening the audience is encouraged to contribute their thoughts and experiences.

Tuesday 18 November
New Spiro Ark Centre
25-26 Enford St, W1.
£10 (Light refeshments)

The Sephardi Centre/ Harif/ Spiro Ark/The Iranian Jewish Centre

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