Israel, the ‘Arab Spring’ and me

An illustrated lecture by Linda Menuhin

Is the ‘Arab Spring’ good or bad news for Israel? Linda Menuhin detects some grounds for hope: Arabs are rejecting regime-sponsored anti-Israel lies and propaganda in order to focus on domestic issues.

Linda will take us through different stops on the road to democracy to convey the Arab voices that are not normally reflected in the Israeli media. But will the new Middle East improve the chances of a peace settlement between Israel and the Arabs?

Linda Menuhin was born in Iraq and fled to Israel in 1972. She is a columnist and commentator on Middle East affairs, and has just been awarded a prize by the Next Century Foundation ‘for outstanding efforts in the media for peace’.

She has been active in the campaign for the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. She recently travelled to Jordan and Morocco.


Wednesday 26 October
The Sephardi Centre, 2 Ashworth Road, London W9 lJY
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