Sallah Shabati (1964)

Director Ephraim Kishon (110 minutes)

We are proud to celebrate Israelís 60th year with a showing of one of the all-time classics of Israeli cinema, made in 1964 by Ephraim Kishon.

Topol plays a Mizrahi Jewish refugee who moves his family to Israel shortly after the establishment of Israel. Unlike his hard-working new neighbours, Topol is shiftless and lazy, forever finding the easiest, most painless means to support his family. Amazingly, Topol becomes a hero when, while wheeling and dealing, he uncovers misappropriations and corner-cutting in Israel's housing industry. Also starring Geula Nuni, Gila Almagor and Albert Cohen.

Sunday 6 April
The Sephardi Centre
2 Ashworth Road, W9 1JY
4pm. Light refreshments

Harif/The Sephardi Centre/Association of Jews from Egypt

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