On the Trail of Turkey’s Donmeh

Wednesday 27 February. 8pm. A second chance to hear acclaimed and entertaining speaker Dr Saul Zadka give an illustrated talk on Shabbetai Zvi and his followers, the Donmeh. Zvi, Judaism’s ‘false Messiah’ converted to Islam in 1666 and took hundreds of Donmeh with him. Dr Zadka has been to Izmir, a city where Donmeh still live, and has come back with intriguing insights. He also has the answers to the following: what is the connection between the Izmir Jewish community and the French actress Brigitte Bardot? Who sang the musical hit ‘Ya Mustapha’?
Hampstead Garden Suburb synagogue, Norris Lea, London N2 0RE.£10. To book ring Harif on 0750603848 or Spiro Ark on 0207 289 6321.