The Jewish Nakba: remembering Jewish refugees from Arab Countries

As Palestinians and their supporters mark 63 years since their Nakba, the world forgets that the largest single group of refugees arising from the Arab-Israeli conflict was Jewish.

Although Jewish refugees were soon absorbed in Israel and the West, Arab states have never recognised their responsibility for some 800,000 Jewish refugees. Neither have they offered compensation for their suffering and losses.

The current turmoil in the Arab world presents a golden opportunity for Arab peoples to start afresh in their relationship with the Jews of the region, whose near-extinct communities predate Islam by 1,000 years, and to re-evaluate the rights of non-Muslim minorities in their midst.

We shall hear testimonies from individual Jewish refugees, and a person who helped in their rescue will be presented with a special award. In addition, you will learn of new ideas for raising awareness of this very important issue, which we believe is the key to peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Arab world.

Leading Middle East expert Tom Gross will present an award on behalf of Harif to an individual who demonstrated tireless committment to these refugees.

Sunday 15 May 2011
Central London venue, W2
5.30pm FREE but donations welcome. Refreshments.
First 50 to register get free copy of The Forgotten refugees film.


Pre-registration essential
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or telephone 07506 033848