Where are you going, Moshe?

(Ou vas-tu Moshe?) Film and discussion

If all the Jews of Bejjad leave town, and the local council succeeds in its programme of Islamification, poor Mustapha will lose his bar licence. Luckily, the old watchmaker and musician Shlomo can't make up his mind to go, and he soon finds himself courted by the devout and the drinkers alike.

This is a rare chance to see a feature film made by a Moroccan non-Jew dealing sympathetically with the exodus of the country’s 300,000 Jews.

Hassan Benjelloun portrays Moroccan Jews and Muslims living side by side."I wanted to remove the confusion of Jew and Zionist," says the filmmaker. "Today, if you say Jewish [in the Arab world], you mean Zionist. ... They were our friends and our neighbours."

Launched this year at the first Maghrebi Film Festival, Ashdod.

Tuesday 13 December
Porat Yosef synagogue, 3 Bell Lane, Hendon, London NW4 2BP
Tickets £7 (£5 Concessions)

Porat Yosef synagogue / Harif

To book : email michellehuberman@mac.com
or ring Ralph Assor on 020 8 954 9065 or 07709 034970