Moshe Mizrahi film festival – A Weekend in the Galilee

A Weekend in the Galilee (2007)
Film 93 minutes
26 June 2012 8.15 pm

The film is inspired by Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya”, relocated to Israel in the 1990s. Avner, a respected Professor of Art and his young wife, Ilana, come to visit the farm run by his brother-in-law Menahem and children from his first marriage, with a view to selling it.

Avner is in pain and needs to see a doctor. His daughter Rachel calls Joel, a physician and friend of the family, with whom she is in love. However, Joel and Ilana have a secret relationship Menahem is in love with Ilana. Neither Rachel nor Menahem is aware of the secret love affair between Joel and Ilana.

The proposed sale brings to the fore all the latent conflicts in the family. The film depicts the weariness, the frustrations and pain of large segments of Israeli society, their love of the land and of one another, their dreams and their hopes.