Pillar of Salt, thirty years on:
A tribute to Albert Memmi

Film (57 minutes) and Lecture by Professor Debra Kelly

It is thirty years since the film Pillar of Salt, based on the autobiographical novel by the great sociologist and writer Albert Memmi, captured the cultural richness and social complexity of a Jewish boy’s life in Tunis.

Harif, Spiro Ark and Exiled Writers Ink are proud to have put together this tribute to Albert Memmi The evening will feature a screening of the film and a talk by one of the foremost experts on his work, Professor Debra Kelly.

Debra Kelly is Professor of French and Francophone Literary and Cultural Studies in the Department of Modern and Applied Languages, University of Westminster, London. Her major publications are Pierre Albert-Birot: A Poetics of Movement (1997) and Autobiography and Independence: Selfhood and Creativity in North African Postcolonial Writing in French (2005).


Wednesday 23 November
Spiro Ark Centre, 25 -26 Enford Street, W1H 1DW
Tickets £8

Harif/Spiro Ark/Exiled Writers Ink

Advance booking essential on 0207 723 9991 (Spiro Ark)

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