Jailed in Gaza: Paul Martin tells his story

Earlier this year, Paul Martin, a British film-maker and journalist, was arrested by Hamas. He spent a month in jail in solitary confinement.

Martin was detained on February 14 in a court in Gaza where he had intended to testify on behalf of Mohammed Abu Muailik, accused of working with Israel. Martin had been making a film about Abu Muailik.

While the UK government and international organisations worked hard for his release, a news blackout was imposed.

Don’t miss what promises to be a fascinating event: Paul Martin will talk to us about his ordeal - what it was like to be in a Hamas jail, how he was treated, and what inner resources kept him going.

Tuesday 6 July
Spiro Ark Centre, 25–26 Enford St, W1

Harif/Spiro Ark

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