Harif at Limmud

Seventy years since the Arab Kristallnacht

Monday 26 December, 12.30 pm

Almost exactly seventy years ago, a pro-Nazi pogrom erupted in Iraq. Known as the Farhud, this traumatic event sounded the death knell for the most ancient Jewish community of the Diaspora; its ramifications are still with us today. We shall be looking at two films, 'Voices of the Farhud' by David Kahtan, who will be attending, and a TV production by the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center in Israel.

Presented by Lyn Julius of Harif.


The Silent Exodus

Tuesday 27 December, 6.40 pm

The Silent Exodus film, by Pierre Rehov, deals with an essential but neglected aspect of the Arab-Israeli conflict by telling the forgotten story of the million Jewish refugees who between 1946 and 1974 were forced out of the Arab world. Pierre Rehov's 2004 film (50 minutes) was the first to examine the causes behind their exodus and their quest for justice.

Followed by a Q & A with Michelle Huberman of Harif.