Jews of Egypt by Amir Ramses

Sunday 27 October (morning). Amir Ramses’s Jews of Egypt. 10 am for 10.30 screening. British premiere of the film the Egyptian authorities tried to ban. The Association of Jews from Egypt UK and Harif are proud to invite you to see a unique documentary film on the Jews of Egypt in the presence of its brave non-Jewish director, Amir Ramses. Ramses is due to come from Cairo for the occasion.

How did Egypt’s Jews turn from partners to enemies? Amir Ramses evokes a different, pluralistic and cosmopolitan Egypt before the exodus of the 1950s. He examines questions of identity and breaks the taboo surrounding the expulsion of the Jews. He interviews Egyptian-Jewish refugees now in France and Switzerland, with a special focus on Jewish communists.

The Egyptian authorities tried to ban this film, but it has played to packed houses in Cairo. The film will be followed by ‘Questions and Answers’ with Amir Ramses.

Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, East Finchley LONDON N2 9PJ
£12.00 ( Cash or cheque payable to AJE–UK)

To book your seat please contact Maurice Maleh on 01923 856 801 or 07815 455 989 or HARIF on 0750 603 3848 or