Film Library

Harif has a wonderful library of films that we’d like to share with the wider community. We’ll help you with publicity if you can supply the venue, i.e. school, synagogue or church, and invite your community.
Here is a selection :

The Mass exodus of Jews from Arab countries in the 20th Century:
The Forgotten Refugees (50 minutes)
The Silent Exodus (47 minutes)

Voices of the Farhud by David Kahtan (16 mins) Part 1; Part 2

Escape from Baghdad – Moshe Kahtan’s story by David Kahtan (34 minutes)
The Farhud by the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Centre for Israeli TV (25 minutes)
Home by David Ofek (17 minutes)

Iraq’N’Roll (Musician Dudu Tassa revisits the legacy of the Al-Kuwaity brothers) by Gili Gaon (53 mins)
The Dove Flyer (based on the book by Eli Amir on the last years of the Iraqi-Jewish community – 105 mins)
Shadow in Baghdad(Linda Menuhin’s search for traces of her father)

Pillar of Salt (story of Albert Memmi’s boyhood – 58 minutes)

Un Ete a la Goulette by Ferid Boughedir (89 mins)


The last Jews of Libya by Vivienne Roumani-Denn (50 mins)

Where are you going Moshe? (90 mins)

In the Beginning there was a School by Josy Eisenberg (story of the Alliance Israelite Universelle)

Israel feature films:
Sallah Shabati
Turn Left at the End of the World
The Impossible Spy (story of Eli Cohen)

The Band’s Visit (84 mins)