The forgotten exodus: Jews from Islamic lands

Professor Henry Green of Miami University will talk about his current project, the first comprehensive and systematic video/oral history project to document and preserve the testimonies of the Sephardim/Mizrahim displaced from their homes in the Middle East and North Africa. It gives voice to the hundreds of thousands of Jews that became victims of human rights violations, lost their citizenship and property, and became refugees. The challenge is to preserve their history and legacy before the exile generation disappears.

Dr. Green has testified on behalf of the Sephardi/Mizrachi refugees from Islamic lands before the US Congress. He is the Founding Director of the Jewish Museum of Florida and co-founder of the Sephardic Festival of South Florida. He has published extensively and is a frequent lecturer. He was a postgraduate student at Oxford University and received his Ph. D. from St. Andrews University.

Wednesday 21 October
Spiro Ark Centre, 25–26 Enford St, W1

Harif/Spiro Ark

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