Exile in the Maghreb

Sunday 13 December 2015. 7pm.Venue: 10a Canfield Gardens, West Hampstead London, NW6 3JS. In anticipation of the launch of the English version of his book (written with the  late David Littman) ‘L’Exil du Maghreb’, Professor Paul Fenton is visiting us from Paris where he teaches at the Sorbonne. Exile in the Maghreb entails the first attempt at describing the historical reality of the legal and social condition of the Jews in the Muslim countries of North Africa (principally Algeria and Morocco) over a thousand year period from the Middle Ages (997 C.E.) to the French colonization (1830 Algeria/1912 Morocco.). The Exile is not a formal history but a chronological anthology of documents drawn from literary and archival sources , many of which are published for the first time.

In what promises to be a fascinating lecture, Professor Fenton will cast light on the nature of Muslim-Jewish relations in the  Maghreb from  medieval times to the dawn of the modern era. Spiro Ark/Harif.
£10. Contact Spiro Ark: 0207 7944 655, education@spiroark.org or email info@harif.org (phone 07506033848).