Memories of Eden

By Mira Shamash/Tony Rocca
Official book launch

Based on unpublished memoirs, this book is a moving evocation of what daily life was like for the Jews of Iraq, from Ottoman times to World War Two.

The book also contains original research revealing for the first time the truth about the Farhud, the 1941 pogrom that sounded the death-knell for the oldest community in the Diaspora.

“Astonishingly readable...superb record” - William Shawcross

‘It is full of detail: the heat, the holy days, the ritual, the food, smells and sounds of the souq; the river Tigris; the costumes and clothes people wore; schooldays and rides on donkey-back before motorised transport became available... a treasure house of information.’
– Professor Shmuel Moreh, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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