The films of Duki Dror:
Displacement and the search for identity

Israeli film director of Iraqi-Jewish origin Duki Dror explores universal themes of uprooting, displacement and the search for identity. 

The French Institute, Queensberry Place, London SW7 
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£7/£5 (concessions) for one film
£9/£7 (concessions) for both films

The journey of Vaan Nguyen/ UK PREMIERE

Hebrew and Vietnamese, English subtitles/documentary
Israel/ 2005/ col/ 84 mins
After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Israel offered asylum to several hundred Vietnamese ‘boat people’.

A generation has passed, yet Hoaimi Nguyen's five Hebrew-speaking daughters do not feel entirely at home in Israel. Hoaimi visits Vietnam with his daughter Vaan, with a view to returning for good and reclaiming his confiscated lands. But nothing, they discover, is ever that simple.

Harif/Spiro Ark/ Israel embassy cultural department


Hebrew and English/ documentary
Israel/ 2001/ col/ 54 mins
Ten-year video diary by Duki Dror, the Israel-born son of Jewish refugees from Iraq. Saddam Hussein ‘s invasion of Kuwait and firing of Scud missiles at Tel-Aviv in 1991 sparks Dror’s quest for his Iraqi roots. He pieces together his background by interviewing family members. They run a struggling Menorah factory, ‘My Fantasia’. But  Dror’s own father is reluctant to reveal a secret in his distant past. A film of remarkable insights, irony and humour. 
Followed by Q & A with the Director. 

Harif/Spiro Ark/ Israel embassy cultural department