Between Judaism and Islam: Turkey’s Donmeh  
Lecture by Aubrey Ross

When Shabbetai Zvi, Judaism’s false Messiah, converted to Islam in 1666,  he took hundreds of his followers with him. Their descendants became known as Turkey’s Donmeh. Who are they? Do they inhabit a limbo between Judaism and Islam? Are they proud or embarrassed by their identity? Was Kamal Ataturk a Donmeh? How are they viewed by Turkish society? Aubrey Ross, author of The Messiah of Turkey (121, 2006) will shed light on the history of the Donmeh, their present fortunes and their effect on Turkish life.

Wednesday 30 January, 7.30pm
New Spiro Ark Centre, 25 -26 Enford St, W1H 1DW
Tickets £7

Harif / Spiro Ark / Jewish Genealogcal Society of GB

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