Secrets of Jewish Djerba

  • Was the Al-Ghriba Synagogue built over a stone taken from the first Temple in Jerusalem?
  • Is King David's chief-of-staff buried there?
  • Why are local Jews reluctant to invite strangers to their Passover Seder?
  • Who was killed in the 2002 suicide bombing outside what is reputed to be the oldest synagogue in the Diaspora? Is it true that the President's wife gave birth to her first son after visiting the synagogue?
If these questions intrigue you, come and hear Shaul Zadka, our special envoy, supply the answers. Dr Zadka flew to the Tunisian island of Djerba on our behalf for Passover and Succot in 2009. Using visual presentations, he will give you an insider’s tour of hidden Jewish Djerba.

Wednesday 24 February
Spiro Ark Centre, 25–26 Enford St, W1

Harif/Spiro Ark

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