Charmed life: the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon

Sunday 25 September. Title of a new fascinating book, written by Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe, where Philip (and his father Edward before him) was also an MP. It tells the amazing story of the “Jewish son of Babylon”. Sassoon, descendant of the Baghdadi Indian magnate David Sassoon, was a great entertainer who used to throw lavish parties: among the guests were Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Balfour, Lawrence of Arabia, Noel Coward and the (abdicating) King Edward.
But he was also at the heart of British government decision-making machinery before, during and after the First World War – being the private secretary of PM David Lloyd George, the Minister for the Air Force and a combat pilot in his own right.
The author himself will give us a talk about the subject of his research. Damian Collins will be introduced by Dr Saul Zadka. Harif/Spiro Ark. Central synagogue, 36, Hallam St, London W1W 6NW, 7:30 pm. (NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE). Bookings 10 pounds in advance, 12 pounds at the door. or