Al-Hurra clip, Nov 2019 : Middle Eastern Jews at Middle St synagogue, Brighton

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Funky Dervish

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Q&A at American Sephardi Federation, May 2018

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Address to the American Sephardi Federation, NY, May 2018

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Ottawa Q&A May 2018, Woman who returned to Iraq
Address to Freethinking Film Society, Ottawa, May 2018
The Farhud and the Exodus of Jews from Arab Countries, CFI, June 2018
Women’s Learning Group, MTL, Q&A
Address to Women’s Learning Group, ‘The Spanish’, Montreal, May 2018
Was Nasser’s expulsion antisemitic or anticolonial? (French) World Congress of Jews from Egypt, June 2018
Address to Manhattan East synagogue, NYC, May 2018
Lyn Julius interviewed by Emanuele Ottolenghi, Washington DC, May 2018