Heritage Challenges and Progress in Egypt

Wednesday 17 January 2018. 8pm. In 2017 the Egyptian government addressed many Jewish Heritage issues positively. While obstacles still remain and sensitivity on the issue still runs high, a new proactive preservation approach has emerged affecting synagogues, cemeteries and Torah scrolls.

For the past 15 years the Nebi Daniel Association has been campaigning to preserve Egypt’s Jewish Heritage.

Its two founding members, Roger Bilboul and Yves Fedida, who regularly travel there, will give  a fascinating and comprehensive  account of the Association’s involvement, satisfactions and frustrations,  including the exceptionally exclusive work on Torah scrolls. Central Synagogue, 36-40 Hallam St, London W1W 6NW. Association of Jews from Egypt/Spiro Ark/ Harif/ Central Synagogue.  Tickets £10 from Spiro Ark on 020 7794 4655, education@spiroark.org or info@harif.org.

Watch video recording here and here.