Baghdad and after:
Eli Amir in conversation with Danna Harman

When his uncle Hiskel is arrested, Kabi and his family face an uncertain future, as do all Jews living in Baghdad. It is 1950 and each member of Kabi’s circle has a different dream: his mother wants to return to the Muslim quarter where she felt safer; his father wants to emigrate to Israel and grow rice; Salim, the headmaster, wants Arabs and Jews to be equal, and Abu Edouard just wants to care for his beloved doves.

To mark the launch of the English version of The Dove Flyer (Halban – recommended by PEN), prize-winning author Eli Amir will talk with Danna Harman of Haaretz about the turbulent era of the 1950s when Jews were faced with stark choices - their departure, absorption into Israel and their contribution to their new country.

Born in Baghdad in 1937, Eli Amir has lived in Israel since 1950.

Wednesday 3 March
The Sephardi Centre
2 Ashworth Road, London W9 1JY

Tickets £10 including light refreshments
The Dove Flyer on sale at a discount

Harif/Sephardi Centre/Spiro Ark

Advance booking essential on 020 7723 9991

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