About Harif

HARIF is a UK charity representing Jews from North Africa and the Middle East (UK no.1186454), and dedicated to promoting their history, culture and heritage. Few know that ancient Jewish communities, predating Islam by a millennium, produced the Babylonian Talmud, great rabbis, doctors, thinkers and poets. In modern times, Jews made important economic and cultural contributions to their home countries.   Few in the West are aware that Jews were an integral part of the Middle East and North Africa before they were were driven out of their homes in the second half of the 20th century.

Over 2,000 years of history in the Middle East and North Africa came to an abrupt  and tragic end just 50 years ago. Jews departed for Israel and the West, leaving an enormous cultural  and economic void behind.  In another 20 years, few Jews who were born in these countries will  still be alive. A vital chapter of Jewish identity, history and culture – an entire civilisation –  will be lost. HARIF is here to make sure it is not forgotten.