74th Anniversary of the Farhud

Tues 2 June 2015 , 4 – 6 pm. 74th Anniversary of the Farhud. JW3, Finchley Road, NW3. To commemorate 74 years since the massacre of Jews in Iraq – we are screening a series of most moving personal accounts of the atrocities committed against the Jewish population on the two days of Shavuot, 1 and 2 June 1941. Against this backdrop, Ivy Shashua, a Jew from Baghdad, reflects in a film interview on her idyllic life prior to the Farhud, how her family was saved, and the aftermath. Don’t miss this unique insight into the end to two millennia of uninterrupted existence for the city’s Jews. JW3/ Harif/Sephardi Voices UK. Book: www.jw3.org.uk, Tel: 7433 8988