Harif at Limmud

Monday 23 December 2019. At this year’s Limmud Festival in Birmingham, Lyn Julius of Harif will  present two sessions:

  1. Why did Jews leave Arab countries? The case of Morocco – Monday 10:45-11:45
    Were Jews pushed out of Arab countries or pulled into Israel by the lure of Zionism? Controversy still reigns over the flight of the Jewish communities of the Arab and Muslim world after 1948. Lyn Julius will address common myths with particular emphasis on what happened to the largest community of Jews in Arab countries, namely Morocco.
  2. Jews, colonialism and Israel – Monday 16:00-17:00
    Are Jews white, people of colour, victims of colonialism or collaborators with it? Is Israel the last outpost of western colonialism? Identity politics put Jews on the wrong side of the progressive divide. How can the experience of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa help to dispel current myths?

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